Covered Cute Vendor

Welcome to the Covered Cute Vendor information page. Below you will find links that will help you set up a professional online store. Continue to visit this page for new tools and features that will enhance your store and attract more customers.


Add or Edit  a Product

Add a New Product

Adding a Simple Product

Variable Product Upload


Vendor Store Language 

Returns, Refunds, Exchange, Shipping and Handling Language Samples

Vendor Store Language


Product Submission Forms 

Submit a submission form if you want to hire a Store Specialist to set up your Store. If you complete the fill-able form you can save it, attach it to an email and send it to

Product Submission Form (Fillable)

Product Submission Form


Hire a Store Specialist 

  • Adding a Simple Product $5.00
  • Adding a Variable Product $10.00
  • Edit Existing Product $3.00 (If Store Specialist set it up)
  • Edit Existing Product (set up by vendor) $5.00

Hire a Store Specialist


Payments, Commissions, and Financial Holds 

Payments, Commissions, Financial Holds